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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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Our August 2003 Arrival

Our Arrival - Due August 4th 2003
In early December 2002 we found out that we were due to have our next baby in early August 2003.  We of course were thrilled at the news and even though we wanted to shout it out to the world, we decided that we would wait and tell Todd's family in person. 
His family were due to come to our place in March for a 'delayed' Christmas celebration and so we kept it secret from everyone up until then.  Since this will be our last baby and it was the first time Todd had the opportunity to tell his family face-to-face it was a wonderful surprise for them.
We have had several ultrasounds since then and with the latest we were lucky enough to get lots of really good 3_d pictures.  So now I've scanned them and put them in here!
They're pretty self-explanatory, but I'll put a little note under them anyway just in case. 
If you want to find out more details, watch this space!!

Baby Ivener
This is our little one - taken 5/27/03. Looking all peaceful.

Baby Ivener - Take Two
Again - looking so peaceful. Only time will tell!

The Yawn!!
After 20 minutes of scanning our little baby decided it had had enough - and yawned! Amazing?!?!

Just Leave Me Alone Will Ya!!
Then after the yawn ... it was time for some peace and quiet - hands over eyes to shut out the light

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