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Guess What - More Photos!!

After Ivan hit Florida it decided to do a quick tour of this part of the country.  Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as the poor Florida residents received.  My heart goes out to everyone down there this year - the hurricanes just seem neverending for them!
Todd was flying with someone with a digital camera (thanks Deacs) and he took some REALLY great photos of the district so I thought that I'd share them with you all.
Note the colour of the water though - I couldn't get over it!  It's a wonderful shade of 'milk chocolate'.  Funny how I can think of different shades of colour in reference to food!!
Hope you enjoy these - they really are beautiful photos.  Must get myself a good digital camera one of these days!

Todd with his 'Groovy' Glasses on
Todd flying - in his helmet
... not exactly Oakley's but the helmets don't allow for them

Todd flying over the Tidal Basin
Todd flying over the Tidal Basin
Note the colour of the water ... brown! This was just after the effects of Hurricane Ivan

Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin
Jefferson memorial & Tidal Basin
What a beautiful day - just a pity about the colour of the water in the Tidal Basin

Fort Washington from the Air
Ft Washington
A nice view of Ft Washington

The House Where George Washington Lived
George Washington's House
... I've heard some stories about that George Washington ... nice house though!

A Closer View
GW's House Again
Let's just get rid of the brown coloured water

The House where we Live!!
Our house from the air
... yeap, and that's me in the driveway waving!! Talking on the phone too! Multi-tasking!

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