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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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Our New 'Temporary' Home

We have arrived in San Antonio.  We had a pretty good run of four days driving.  We COULDN'T have done it without the awesome help (and love) from Todd's parents - Bev & Ed!  Thank you SO MUCH you two!  We were quite a sight with Ed's truck and camper towing the car trailer, then Todd in the Jeep towing the snowmobile trailer and then lagging behind with the three kids, me in the Dodge!  It was a good trip though.  At the end of the day when we booked into a hotel I would let the kids just run wild to get rid of all of the pent up energy they had inside, and by the way they ran, screamed, jumped, bumped and screamed some more - there was plenty of pent up energy to get rid of!!
Anyhoo - we arrived in San Antonio in excellent time and found our new apartment and moved the little bit of furniture we brought with us for this leg of the journey.  We love it here!  It's a nice community, close to everything we need - but then all we really need is each other (plus some food, beer, and the occassional shower I suppose).
So here it is - our home sweet home for the next few months!

Welcome to Our New Home
This is the view you get when you enter the apartment - if you're lucky Kasia will welcome you too!

The View from the Kitchen ...
Kitchen thru lounge view
... through to the lounge and out onto our 'balcony'...shall I give the royal wave when I'm outside?

From the 'Balcony' to the Kitchen
From the patio thru to kitchen view
After waving at my subjects, I took this photo looking in the opposite direction!

The Living Room
The Lounge
Our one couch, TV & equipment & computers fit in here rather nicely, don't you think?

Kasia & Carl's Bedroom
Kasia & Carl's Bedroom
Sunny isn't it! They love their room - so much space to run and cause havoc in!!

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