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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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Our Visitors - Aug/Sept 2002

August and September of 2002 were two busy months for me.  Firstly my darling husband went away for 6 weeks of training down in Alabama.  Much to his dismay as it's not one of his favourite places (he's not into hot weather!!).  Since Timothy was on school holidays and Kasia doesn't really care where she goes as long as she's with her mummy or daddy - we decided to go down and visit him for a week.  It was wonderful seeing him again and definitely broke up those long weeks of not being beside him like I usually am.
We hated leaving him in Alabama but I had to as I was expecting visitors from Montana and I had to clean the house and do a few odds and ends before they arrived.  Jerry was being posted to Ismir, Turkey for a year so Annette was moving to England with their three children while he was there.  It was a big upheaval for the whole family, but they are absolute troopers and it was so lovely to have them stay at our house for a week or so.  The military certainly does put some of it's people through a LOT of stress!
About a week after the Sathers left to their respective parts of the world Todd's parents came to visit.  It is always wonderful having them visit and it was the first time they got to see our new house so it was nice to finally show it to our family.
Kasia and Timothy were spoilt rotten of course.  Kasia remembered her grandparents almost immediately, she won hearts all over again.  Since they last saw her she has begun to walk and talk and is definitely a scene stealer in this household!!  It was hard letting them leave, but leave they had to - until the next time!!
Then three days after they left, Terry flew in and stayed with us for five days.  He is about to be deployed and so time spent with him was all the more precious.
I still marvel when I see Todd and Terry together.  When they are together it's like all the pieces just fall into place.  I'm still amazed when I see the two of them together, they have such an amazing friendship! 
Here are some of the photos taken during these stays and if you've managed to stay awake reading this, then you're ready to see the photos!! So without more delay - here they are!!

The Sathers visit us from Montana ...
The Sathers!
Our wonderful friends from Montana on their way to Turkey and England!!

The Sather Kids
The Sather Kids
L to R: Olivia, Elizabeth (Lizzie to her friends) and Patrick! What GREAT kids!!

The Happy Couple
Anette & Jerry
Two of the strongest people I know and still madly in love with each other!!

The Sathers ... and Kasia
Sathers & Missy Muffet
We all KNEW she'd have to show up somewhere didn't we?!

Kasia and The Sathers!
Kasia & The Sathers
Everyone smile for the camera!!

Granma, Zadie and Kasia Relaxing
Kasia & her grandparents
This is what a vacation is all about - relaxing on the couch watching TV!

The Iveners!
Ooohhh, who's the handsome devil in the uniform!! That's right - he's all mine!!!

Grandparents & Grandchildren
The Grandees
Timothy, his Granma, Kasia & Zadie

Our little family outside our home
Us out front of house
complete with the dog and the insect bag ... look closely - I'm hiding in the back!!

Who's the Chick in the Glasses!?
Cool chick in glasses
"Do I look cool ... or what?!?!" Kasia asks her daddy and Uncle Terry

Under them glasses ...
The Three of them
Is a real good looking girl, with her daddy (on left) and Uncle Terry!!

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