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Catinkeri's Wedding Photo Portfolio

Del Rio Prospects

Our Possible new home in Del Rio ...

Exterior 1
We wouldn't have the side garage, the garage would be in the front

Exterior - front entrance
Exterior 2
This would be the front - two right hand side windows would be where the dble garage would be

The Back of the House
Exterior 3
This the dining/living room end of the house

Same house, different options
exterior 4
This is how we would have the garage, except it would be just one double garage door

Looks nice with the landscaping doesn't it?
exterior 5
We would have a different walk in - the walk in that the other house has ... and no landscaping!!

From the Dining area through to the kitchen ...
interior 1
Todd, Carl & Don (real estate agent/builder) checking out the kitchen

From the kitchen through the dining room
interior 2
Nice roomy kitchen huh?! We probably wouldn't have all of the fancy appliances though!

From the Dining Room through the living room
interior 3
Where Todd is walking to is where the bedrooms are

The dining room from the living room
interior 4
Nice area - kitchen is off to the right of dining room - office is the door behind dining

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