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Catinkeri's Wedding Photo Portfolio

Wedding #4

I have known Carla all of her life - literally. I was the first person to drop her and she'll never let me forget it even though she can't remember it as she was only a few weeks old ... and it was her sister's fault anyway!!
Danny and I lived in the same house for a while when I was a single mother and needed help with the rent. He became a great friend to both myself and my son and made the long days fun filled.
It was a great wedding and wedding party - the day was filled with much laughter and love.

Under A Tree ... K I S S I N G

The Handmade Invitations

The Happy Couple

The Foggy Look

The Wedding Party

The Party ... continues

The Boys!?!!

The Blushing Bride

Getting Carried Away

Hitting the Rails

Hands ... and THE Cake

Come and read more about my family and friends, if you're up to it that is!

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