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Catinkeri's Wedding Photo Portfolio

Wedding #3

When I moved to Great Falls Montana I had the fortune to get to know a lady called Maggie. We used to go walking together on a regular basis and our friendship grew from there. Maggie found the man of her dreams and I was fortunate enough to not only be invited to the occasion but asked to photograph it - how could I refuse? It was a lovely, very personal, small wedding - I only hope my photos convey the beauty of the day.
Maggie has moved away now and I miss her SO VERY MUCH!! At least I have these wonderful photos to look at whenever I miss her.

Together at Last

Stairway to Heaven ...

Married at last ...

The Garter Shot!!

Fuzzy Shot

The Un-Fuzzy Shot

A Framed Woman

Friends are forever ...

The Ring Shot

Come and read more about my family and friends, if you're up to it that is!

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