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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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July 4th 2002

America's Independence Day!  I had to celebrate this momentous occasion with more photos of our lovely children.  The weather was perfect - not too humid or hot - so I sat Timothy and Kasia on the back lawn and took a few photos.  I managed to include our dog, Kiwi, in several of the photos as well - but he was more interested in watching the neighbourhood squirrels than being photogenic!

Our Two Gorgeous Children
Isn't Life wonderful - two great kids!!

God Bless America
Kasia in her patriotic Top

The 'Three' Children
The one with the floppy ear isn't exactly the fruit of my womb!!

Them Again
Three 'kids' again
Kiwi being diverted - there goes that pesky squirrel

A Quick Change
A Lady always has to have at least one costume change per photo session!

The Smiling Shot
Hey, what do you think of my 2 front teeth Timothy?

Learning to Walk
It's not as easy as it looks. You HAVE to pull funny faces like this!!

Take a step then ...
Look up and smile at the camera

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