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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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My Family here in America

If you hadn't already guessed by the way I tend to rave on about my husband, I am the luckiest person in this world (in my humble opinion anyway!)! 
Not only have I met the man of my dreams when, not only was I not looking for him, but also when I had found myself comfortable with the fact that I would be forever single ... but I have also managed to have each and every one of my dreams come true since marrying him. 
My son, Timothy and I moved here from New Zealand and Timothy has been treated like a son ever since.  Todd even adopted Timothy as soon as he could.  Timothy has the bestest dad a kid could want and when we found Kiwi the dog it added another dimension to Todd's idea of perfection - me, I'm not too enamoured with Kiwi.  He's a great dog, I just don't like the constant dog hair around my house!
Yeah - I know - time for the bucket!!  Sorry about that, but when someone finds true happiness I think they should proclaim it to the world.  Afterall there are just so many horror stories out there, a nice story is always a nice change!!
Then in 2001 we welcomed our new baby girl, Kasia, into this world.  The pregnancy was a breeze - even though I was having contractions from the fourth month onwards, I had pre-eclampsia and should have been on bed rest from the sixth month according to my doctor!!  I worked up until two weeks before her due date, and since she was a little late I got to rest up for three weeks before she arrived.  Not that being 9 months pregnant is necessarily a way of 'resting up'. 
Kasia decided that she would make us wait a little longer to see her so she was induced six days after her due date.  When her daddy saw her for the first time he was besotted!  It took me TWO HOURS to pry her out of his loving arms and into mine!  And then I only managed to hold her for a few minutes before he whisked her away again pointing out to me that I had had her for the past nine months, so now it was his turn!  He cracks me up!!
So that's it really.  I will now add photos of our beautiful family for you to share - and come back and see if I'd added more every now and then!  Thanks for taking the time to read my story!!

The First Time ...
Todd & Kasia
ever I saw your face ...

Where's the makeup lady when you need her most?!?!
Kasia with her mum
When I finally got hold of her ... what a picture of perfection (her not me!!)

The Proud Big Brother
Timothy & Kasia
Timothy & Kasia. Look at the size of the pacifier ... it's bigger than her face!!

Those infamous words uttered by parents all over the world "She's Asleep"

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