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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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The Man's Page

I've been accused of having a 'girly' web-site so I thought that I would rectify that problem here and now.  While we were in Phoenix in March/April 2002 Terry's new Ducati bike arrived.  Unfortunately Terry wasn't there to witness the event - and for months didn't even get to see his new 'baby' - so I took lots of photos for him so that he could see just what a lovely machine he had procurred for himself. 
His two brothers definitely liked the new bike and made sure that it was road worthy and tested by the time Terry finally got to ride it for himself.

The Ducati ...
and Todd

Two Bikes - Two Boys!!
Todd with the Ducati - Jeff with his Triumph

The Bikes
The 'Old' and the Brand New

The Beer Shot
For all of those men that appreciate a Black and Tan ...

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