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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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Our Next Home

When we left Maryland in April of 2005 we knew that we had some unsettling months ahead of us.  We were to move to San Antonio for five or so months while Todd went through his cross-training from helicopters to T-6's.  The kids and I had the option of staying in Maryland while he did his training, but I hate to be apart from my husband, and our children are the same ... so we came along for the ride knowing that we would have several moves ahead of us.
We took the absolute basics with us - air beds, one couch, TV and equipment, computers and a frying pan and pot!  That was it!  The rest was packed away into storage, not to be seen until we moved into our home in Del Rio in late September!
When we got to San Antonio one of the first things on our list was to go house hunting in Del Rio, which we did.  However there wasn't anything within our price range so luckily, we managed to find a real estate agent that was also a builder (wow - how amazing!!).  So now we are in the process of building a new house!  It's all very exciting and I thought I'd bring you along for the ride!
We made a few changes to the initial design of the house but other than that it has been an easy process to this point!  And all very exciting of course!
I will update this page when I get photos to put on here!  So if you're interested keep popping back to take a look!

September 2007
We've been in our lovely new home for just about two years now and we love it here.  What an experience building a home from scratch and then going through everything that goes along with that experience.  We have now managed to do our version of landscaping and are pleased with the end product.  I tend to go out and buy the odd (meaning not many, not odd looking!!) plant every now and then and add it somewhere but we're pretty much all done. 
To see it from start to finish - just click here - and see the house from start to finish with occasional updates when I think they're photo worthy!

This is the section
Our Bare Section - From Whence our House Will Be
before we started building on it ... obviously

The Building has begun ... the front of the house
Front of the House - June 2005
This was so exciting seeing our new house in the beginning stages!

This is the side of our house ...
Side of the house - July 24, 2005
this is the garage/kitchen/office side of the house ... I think I'll choose a different colour tho!

The front of our new house ...
Front of the house - July 24, 2005
This is the kids' bedrooms, the entry way and the garage!

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