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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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My new family in America!!
When most people talk about their in-laws the stories are usually horror stories.  Afterall I've seen the bumper sticker that says "Mother-in-law in trunk"!!  When I finally got to meet my in-laws (one at a time over a period of several months) I was blown away with their openness and willingness to accept and welcome Timothy and I into their family.  I can't begin to tell you how much this has meant to us. Being so far away from our other family and friends is tough to handle but having such wonderful family here in America has made that transition so very much easier.  Here are a few pictures of my in-laws, I can see where my handsome husband gets his great looks from, that's for sure!

The Grandchildren and Grandparent Photo
August 2001 - Phoenix - all of the grandchildren with their grandparents

Grandchildren With Zadie
Zadie with his grandchildren

The Ivener Children
The four kids ... Christmas 2001

The MacIntyre Family
These are my neices and nephews - great lookers aren't they?

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