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Catinkeri's Family and Friends

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Family Photos ... Late 2004

Here are the latest family photos that I got back from the developers just the other day.
It's been a while since I put things in here - my computer broke down and I had to get a new one and if you've ever had to do that it takes quite a bit to get your new one up and running!  So hopefully this one will last a little while!
Anyway - here we go with the new photos!  It's just the usual gorgeous family photos so I hope you enjoy!
Take care xxx

Uncle Jeff Shows the Kids the Whitehouse!
Just after this informal shot, we went up to the oval office for tea with GDubyer!

The Whitehouse - Take Two!
Me with Kasia & Carl ... just before we headed inside of course!

Carl hangs out with the ducks ...
and the Washington Memorial in the background! (Honest, there was a duck there, it's just hiding)

Our Three Children Together Again ...
don't ever come between a parent and their child! Our gorgeous children!

Me and My Bumblebees
Happy Halloween - I just love seeing the kids in their outfits!

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